Batching loads of hair product! – 9.12.16

Today is going to be a loonngg day..


     Agian.. Today is going to be a long long day. My wife and I have a friend coming in town from Chicago this week, so I’m being forced (at gunpoint) to take a day off! Haha. My friends working the market said that this is sure to be a huge holiday season, so I need to hold onto my butt and start stocking up. Hopefully I’ll sell like 1 or 2 million hair products to stylish men and women by Christmas, but I won’t get my hopes up. (and no. I’m not even close to selling a million products!!) But Santa.. If you’re out there and reading this, and the elves drop the ball this year, I’m your man! Natural pomade and beard oil for every good little boy and girl out there!

     My friend Kevin usually comes to help with production one day a week, but since Kev’ got an amazing bartender gig at one of the swankiest bars in town, it’s been hard to nail down a good day for us to work together. Having Kev’ there really helps the flow of the day. We never step on each others toes and the delegation process is smooth. But he can’t be there today so it looks like I’ll be batchin’ some sweet sweet natural pomade by myself today.

    Today I’ll be working on consistency and accuracy. It’s hard to always be accurate when you don’t have thousand dollar scales to weigh all of your oils and waxes oin, and it’s equally as hard to stay consistent when you’re doing a million things at once, but that’s what makes the job fun! It’s the attention to detail that is the make or break factor for any product company. My wife just wishes I was as detail oriented with my products as I am when I mow the lawn or hang pictures. Haha.

    I’ll be shipping a ton of natural pomade, beard oil and sulfate free shampoos to Australia and China this week as well, so if you’re in the neighborhood, watch out! Want some shipped to you?! We also have samples now!

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-Benjamin Miller
Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.

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