Casey Neistat wins British GQ award

WOW I just woke up, took a look at my YouTube Subscriptions and saw the title Winning GQ Man of the year now if you’ve watched any vlogs you know the titles are slightly click bait if you haven’t… Just don’t take them seriously, it’ll make sense once you watch. Anyways the video starts with some of his best work, the reason why I subscribed. Right at the 1:23 mark the vlog breaks into his editing and instrumental music. The dude is invited to British GQ and wins the “New Media Star” Of the year award. This guy is killing it.

If you don’t fall down his rabbit hole of vlogs or even his short films which are all awesome the guy talks about finding his passion while working a crappy job, quitting and moving to New York City to become a film maker. I find him inspirational, his art really strikes with me. I believe that we’ll later know be seeing a lot more of him.

We all got time to put aside to do what we love, so after your done with your day job that pays the bills do the thing you love. Do it until your really good at it, no matter what it is and be patient. After a year you’ll realize your a lot better and maybe by then you might be able to sell it. Then one day you’ll realize that it pays more than the day job and then your working for yourself.

Wow this blog just went down a rabbit hole that could be broken into pieces. I’ll follow up with something else later, in the mean time if you want to reach out to me Holler at me.


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