FAQs About Anchors And Our All Natural Hair Products

handmade hair products

handmade hair products

What sets Anchors Hair Company products apart from other hair product companies?
Anchors Hair Company hair products are Hand crafted and Free of parabens and other harsh chemicals. All of our products are handmade in small batches to maintain the integrity of the product and for quality control. We have the freshest product on the market. Another reason is for the quality of ingredients used. We use the best stuff you can find from top retailers. We also use essential oils so your hair doesn’t only look awesome, it will feel awesome, grows out healthy and maintains it’s healthiness. Our product’s scents are a lot different than most chemical based brands. 90% of our scents come from essential oils and the fragrance oils we do use are dye/alcohol free.
What’s the story of Anchors Hair Company?
Anchors Hair Company first started as an idea while owner Benjamin David was in hair school in Dallas, TX. Growing up in a low income family, Benjamin’s family constantly moved around. He saw the world through the eyes of a traveler. Growing up with out money,  and sometimes a  home, Benjamin was able to grasp the true meaning of life, happiness. At an early age he vowed to help others find true contentment  and continued to until his career in hair began. Eventually, he yearned to take his career to the next level, but this meant less time for volunteer work. He then conjured up the idea of creating a care concept hair product company. After years of dreaming he finally got to work formulation. He developed an amazing water-based pomade that all his friends loved and so there it was, his beginning to Anchor’s open chapter. Eventually, Anchors evolved into a plan to make amazing handmade hair products at an affordable price. Through these products he vows to promote cleanliness and inspiration to people in less fortunate positions
What’s the meaning behind the name Anchors?

The meaning behind the company’s name comes from the interpretation of the word Anchors. Benjamin believes that an Anchor represents hope and a refusal to sink. Also being a veteran in U.S. Army, he liked the idea of keeping a sailor/military themed.

Do you test your products on animals?

No products are tested on animals. Besides family picture day at the Miller’s. Booger and Dakota, the 2 dogs of the household have to rock their puppy pompadours.

When are the products made? 
Our hair products are made in small batches for quality control. They’re produced when needed for the freshest product on the market.
How long would my order take to ship?
Our orders take from 1-3 days to ship, but usually with in a day. On holidays and rare occasions of snow or other issues, your package may be delayed a day.
Does anchors offer wholesale orders? 
We definitely offer wholesale pricing. Contact us through our contact page for more info or email info@loveanchors.com