How I keep a clean shave

So first let me start off by saying that I would really love to be using a safety razor or straight blade but I’ve yet to learn so this is my current approach.

My biggest problem before was that I would get very bad irritation and I first tried all the expensive 3 and 4 blade razor brands. The worst part was that it would only last me about 3 shaves before my shaves would be uncomfortable. That’s why the cost of razors gets so high, I need to replace the blades so often. Then one day I was at Costco doing my shopping when I went to get a new set of blades… when I noticed something. I could get 50 disposable blades for about $25 or stick to my replaceable 3-4 blade brands for about $60 for 25 refills.

I thought I’d try out going with the cheap disposable blades and I’ve never looked back. I use them for about 3 shaves and throw them away without any guilt because I know that I’ve saved so much money and that’s what their for. This package tends to last me a year or more. I don’t have to wait for the painful shave before I throw it away, I also notice that having 50 razors I’m cant even remember when I bought them. Unlike the expensive brands I always felt that I was buying them all the time. I always feel that I’m getting a clean fresh shave.

I know that I’ll later get into a better shave, maybe the next time that I running low on razors I’ll make a switch but these are great to travel with.

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