It’s been awhile! .. – 11.2.2016

Well, Halloween 2016 is over and I’m pretty bummed. Actually, it’s a love/hate feeling. October has one of the busiest months of my life!! Last October was as well because that’s when I got married. BUT, this one was a different type of busy. Going here, going there, doing this, doing that. Whew! Anyways..

I have an amazing hair clay coming out in the next few weeks. I just ordered the labels for them as well as a ton of jars. I can’t wait to get it out into the world. I think people are really going to love it. It’s a high hold, no shine, very natural/vegan formula. It even has volcanic ash AND particles from the earth’s crust (silica) in it. It’s a product for my matte fans and the scent has a very natural/sweet smell. A lot of pomades now days have spicy, musky smells. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that women need to love the scent just as much as the man buying it.

We did a really great hair photo shoot this month as well. My long time friend and sales consultant Nick Cox from Knoxville, TN was the model in the photos and my associate and good friend Taylor Isaacs from Knoxville, TN took the pictures. Taylor owns a company called The Simple Branding Co. and is an awesome photographer with great ideas. Look for some new branding material and ads coming out soon. And if you do see something scream out at the top of your lungs “WHOA, I KNOW THESE DUDES!!”

Well, my son’s about to wake up and it’s time to get the day started. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to write something, but I promise to have a ton of great hair tutorials and hair product news coming soon.

Benjamin Miller
Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.


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//  Today’s agenda:  A ton of labeling and shrink banding….ugghhh  //