Short Hair Dont Care

This is Tom, and I screwed up my haircut. Here is a little fact about me, when I want a haircut I need to do it right then If I don’t I tend to feel like a mop top until I cut my hair. So when this feeling comes and my local barber shop is not open… I’ll dust off my old clippers and start chopping. While I was in the military I was the guy cutting everyone’s hair on Sunday that didn’t make it to the Barber Shop so that they wouldn’t get smoked (punished) on Monday morning. I would also cut my own hair if I forgot to go to the Barber Shop myself. So cutting my own hair is not something new to me. Outside of the Military now and into my “Professional” life I don’t have a Monday morning deadline I need to meet so this feeling to cut my hair doesn’t come often (wait did I just figure out that feeling?!) So a couple weeks ago I grab the clippers and start to fade, I’m using a number 5 on the highest part of the fade and I do something dumb. I’m looking at the mirror and I want to get the stranglers and instead of going around my head I went straight back like a mohawk and I did this a few times before I realized I just fucked up my DIY haircut. There was no going back. I took the 5 ALL THE WAY FULL HOOAH (military joke, you never want to go full hooah. Google it for a laugh) So it’s done I’ve got nothing to style for a few weeks. It was actually nice to save some time in the morning but it’s been a few weeks and fast forward to this week. I cracked open my favorite pomade the Teddy Boy Matte and through some on my short hair and I was surprised at the difference. Even with such short hair I want from a stuffed animal to a clean crew cut. I’m able to manage my hair a little but the clean look is worth the tiny bit of product I need to use. I’ll take some pics and post on social media for examples.

Thanks to each on of you and I hope you enjoy the products!