Snotmade pomade – 10.12.16

This week has been rough! Sinuses, allergies and colds have been running rampant through my household. My kid was sick, then my wife was sick, I thought I had missed it for sure!! .. but no. Sick as a dog. But that hasn’t stopped me from working!!
I’ve been pumping out pumpkin spiced pomade like it’s going out of style. I’ve also had a ton of Teddy Boy Slick pomade orders, which is awesome! I think it’s because of the weather. The wind out there is terrible and it hasn’t been slowing down. Applying a hair pomade that has great hold, shine and durability is a must for windy weather.
It sounds a little gross, but when the weather cools down, people tend to shower less. It’s great to have a water based hair pomade like the Teddy Boy Original pomade or the Pumpkin Spiced pomade that is easily re-fixable.
It goes like this. You wake up, go into the bathroom, get frightened at the picture hanging up that just so happens to be a mirror, douse a little water on your hair, comb back into place and let it dry. Bam. You’re human again!
-Benjamin Miller
Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.


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