Use two scoops

Sometimes we want to change things up just a bit, and I found that either using some extra product or using less can give me a different look without having to cut into a different style. Take an extra scoop, use a comb and get a super sharp dapper look, think like Dan Draper in Mad Men. This is a simple way to really make a sharp look, you can follow this up with a button down shirt and some slacks or some dark jeans. You can take this up a notch by taken an iron to your clothes.

Now for the opposite look use less product and go for a messy bed head, I do recommend starting by blow drying your hair as it will help manage your hair. This look is best for that relaxed weekend, or when you might want to wear a hat. With a little product you’ll be able to fix your hair if you want to go hatless midday.

This is a just a short blog to remind you that you can change up your image by making just a small changes to your routine.