Argan Oil… For men too!

argan oil - the perfect oil for beards

Argan oil… Not just a woman’s thing!

Argan oil has been one of the most talked about oils in the hair industry for years. For me, it was the brand Moroccan Oil and their AMAZING hair oils that smelled so freaking good. In my early years of cosmetology I thought that argan oil actually smelled like Moroccan Oil! But it doesn’t at all. Basic argan oil has little to no smell and is a lot lighter than most oils.

A lot of brands like Moroccan Oil that sell “argan oil” add thickeners, fragrances and other hydrating oils to their formula, which is fine, but always read the ingredients so you know exactly what you’re getting. There are tons of products on the market that say “100% Natural Argan Oil.” It may be 100% natural argan oil that’s mixed with other oils. It’s just a marketing tool that companies use to make more money off of a product that cost them less to make. It’s kind of like when McDonalds says “100% Angus Beef.” Okayyy… We know its angus because it’s beef! Now tell us what else is in it!! Haha.

Argan oil originates from the blood and sweat of the Argonaut warriors that fought mythical creatures along side of Jason McSwordyFighterMan… Jk… Jason and the Argonauts?! Classic movie…

I’ll try this again… Argan oil is found in a tiny Argan nut, found in the Argan tree that is found in Morocco. True Story. I read somewhere that goats actually climb trees to eat the nuts because they’re so incredibly nutritious!! That’s one petting zoo I’d love to go to! Haha.

” One of the main reasons that argan oil is so healing, is that it is rich with vitamin A and vitamin E. However, argan oil is also packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Research shows that when applied to skin, it eases inflammation while moisturizing the skin. ” – 

Besides being one of the healthiest oils for your scalp, argan oil is also great for frizzy hair, thick or fine because it is incredibly nutritious and light. Your hair wont stay greasy or weighed down. I love to use argan oil before blow outs to keep hair hydrated and protect from the high heat, but also as a finishing oil on a pompadour or a short textured style.

One of the best ways men can use argan oil is in their beards. The antioxidants and inflammation healing fatty acids will keep your sky hydrated, itch less and ready to keep generating a thick beard.

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