It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!! – 11.27.16

Christmas for the handcrafted pomade business is a VERY busy time! Things are already starting to heat up for web orders and for wholesalers. For me, it’s an exciting time because of all of the new hands that my hair products will be in. I love the thought of new users cracking open that shrink seal and opening up their product for the first time. Some may not love it, but most will.

As crazy as it sounds, a new hair product can change a person’s life! It all starts with a new hair style that complements their facial features and body type. Then you find that product that supports that look and bam! Confidence in a can! or jar.. or tin.. haha..

Hair products make amazing gifts for family, friends or secret santas at work that you have no clue what to buy them! EVERYONE uses hair product (unless they’re bald of course).

Grab them here!

Benjamin Miller
Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.