Hair Clay?! Like.. Clay, Clay!?

vegan hair clay - handmade

Hair Clay!? What the heck?!

When I was a kid the only products I’d put in my hair were L.A. Looks Gel, Murrays Hair Wax or Gelatin (yes jell-o.. for the insanely high liberty spikes that my brother would style for me.) I played drums in a Christian punk rock band from the ages of 11-16, so I had to look awesome!! I remember seeing a “hair clay” on the shelf at Sally’s and thought to myself… What the heck!?

Different cultures have been using clays for thousands of years to detoxify and heal the body. I’m no anthropologist, so I don’t know exactly when we started putting it in our hair, but whoever started the trend must’ve looked pretty crazy! When not hydrated, clay is heavy thick powder that will coat your hair making it look dirty. There are many different types of clay, but the most common are Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay and Bentonite Clay.

Kaolin is a natural clay that is found in the ground from chemically weathered rocks in humid environments. Sea clay is found in ancient sea beds and Bentonite is basically ground up volcanic ash. How freakin cool is that!?

I remember the first time I told my mom that I was developing a hair product that contained volcanic ash. “Awe, that’s so cute Benjy! Good for you!” she says. Cute?! It’s volcanic ash!! And Benjy!? I’m 32!!

I haven’t fooled around much with Sea Clay, but Courage Clay, the strong hold/little to no shine product sold here at Anchors Aweigh is full of Kaolin Clay and Bentonite Clay. It also has a few more oil absorbents that soak up a lot of the shine, but the clays are the main contenders.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the outcome these clays produce and my hair has honestly never felt better. I was always scared to start making hair clay because I’d always thought they strip your hair of nutrients. Well, they can, but that’s why you keep using amazingly nourishing shampoos like Teddy Boy Rise and conditioners like Teddy Boy Shine. It’s like a daily hair-health-reboot! You’ll just strip your hair of old nutrients and replace them with new nutrients when you shower… IF… you shower..

If you haven’t tried the Courage Clay yet, I would definitely recommend it. It’s also great for children’s hair as well because it won’t stay greasy. SHOP HERE!