How to deal with a cowlick..

The Cowlick.. Every Man’s Nemesis..


Through my years of styling hair, I’ve been asked this question SO many times…

“Why do men have cowlicks and women don’t?”

A lot of men think that it’s purely a “dude thing” and it adds one more point to the “men have it worse” gender contest that’s been going on for millions of years!

The truth is that women have cowlicks too. We don’t ever see them because their hair is so long and heavy, so it pulls down on the cowlick. Usually when a person’s hair is in between a half of an inch to several inches, depending on the thinness of the hair, that cowlick is going to be a constant annoyance!!

The best way to deal with cowlicks are to shave your head… Or to grow your hair super long… But in many cases those are not viable options.

When you wake up and have a terrible cowlick, all you have to do is remember these 4 things:

Water  .  Heat  . Tension . Cool .  Heck, this could be the newest abbreviated internet slang! #WHTC #LOL!!

I’ll stop trying to be funny and get to the point.

First, spray some water on the cowlick or do the ol’ cup-a-wateroo and cup a little water into your hand and splash it over your hair.

Second, start blow drying your hair in every direction so it loosens up the root end of the hair. Concentrate most of your heat on the cowlick area but don’t melt burn yourself!

Third, tension! Use a fine tooth comb or your fingers to tensely pull that hair and push it down while you’re heating it. Once your hair is pretty much dry, it’s time to cool.

Press down on your cowlick with a petting motion to let the oils of your hand cool it down. This will cool down your hair root and should end your cowlick troubles for the day.

These steps are what every hairdresser and barber  do for these issues and they’re so freakin easy that I know you can do it too! Try it out. If you have any trouble, shoot us an e-mail at INFO@LOVEANCHORS.COM and we will try to help.

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