Meet Brandon..


Hi friends, I’m Brandon! I have recently joined the Anchors team as our Social Media Manager/ Blog Writer. Needless to say, I am extremely excited to work with a brand that I truly believe in and use every single day. Coming into this position, interaction with you, the community, is my utmost priority. I’m chock-full of community-centered ideas that I seriously cannot wait to bring to you all.


Serving as the first line of contact between our company and our customers is something that I don’t take lightly, but also want to make sure is a pleasant and fun experience all-around.  That being said, let’s keep it loose and let’s get social, baby! Since we like to keep it serious-yet-silly here, I felt that the following Q & A were good indicators as to who exactly the face behind the Anchors account is:


Q1: If all the Anchors products fought to the death, which would win & why?


This is a toughie, because I seriously love and use every product, aside from the beard oil (curse you, nonexistent beard). However, I would have to declare Courage Clay the inevitable victor for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the newest of the entire bunch, so it would be fresh out the pack and ready to brawl. Second, if we consider the name “Courage Clay”, it’s implicit that it’s not afraid to go all Conor McGregor on the others. A
*Note: I might be a tad bit biased, because Courage Clay is my go-to each day, since the day it came out.


Q2: Dude who are you and what is your purpose?


Sometimes I wonder the same thing… (please excuse my self-depreciating humor in these blogs henceforth). But seriously, I am a college student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I met Ben back in 2015 when I started getting my hair cut by him at Lox Salon. I feel that he very quickly became my “pseudo-therapist” after we shared life stories. He actually doesn’t know this, but he was the only one to cut my hair at that point other than my mother. So you know the homie trust is real. He reached out to me earlier this year with a potential job opportunity working for him at Anchors and I knew that I was interested the moment I saw the first sentence on the email. Now here we are, rockin’ and rollin’ on this social media game.


Q3: What can we expect now from the Anchors social accounts and blog?


I have got some pretty stellar ideas in the works, and I really cannot wait to bring that to the individuals who really enjoy our products. Just be on the lookout for some very interactive unique stuff with the Instagram particularly. As for the blogs, we’re going to keep it interesting for sure. The primary focus is of course, at its core, about hair. However, that isn’t to say that we won’t explore a little bit—don’t rule out some tangent topics such as menswear or men’s health. Just to name a few. I really have some interesting ideas for interactive community-focused projects. I’m really looking forward to showing you guys what I’ve got!


Q4: In a battle between Octopus People and Shark People, who would win?


Yes. These are the questions that we need to be asking. Personally, the octopus species is just so eerily ominous to me. I truly believe that the octopi would reign supreme. I don’t know though. I’d like to know what Ben thinks on this crucial issue.



Well, friends, I’m signing this bad boy off! Hope you learned a little about where I stand on the important issues facing our country. Don’t forget to follow us @anchorshairco on Instagram and follow this blog bi-weekly!


In Friendship & Good Hair,