Teddy Boy Trio


Anchors Aweigh Hair Co. product bundle!


Each Teddy Boy product is handcrafted from natural waxes, essential oils, herbal extracts and paraben free preservatives.
They’re also free of any harsh chemicals and free of petroleum and harmful alcohols.



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– Handcrafted by former U.S. Army Paratrooper turned Hair Stylist, Benjamin Miller –

Try out all 3 Anchors Hair Co products! Teddy Boy Slick Pomade, Teddy Boy Original Pomade, Teddy Boy Matte Wax in either our 2.6oz or 4.5oz jar


Anchors Hair Co features natural oils and waxes as main ingredients and are free of harsh chemical Parabens, Petroleum and Alcohol.


Teddy Boy Slick Pomade is an oil-based pomade enriched with essential oils for maintaining a clean scalp, promoting hair strength and locking in moisture. Teddy Boy Slick Pomade is SO easy to use. Just towel dry, apply, comb in and look awesome! It’s great for that slick Mad Men barbering look or to simply lay down fly-a-ways. Scent is a enjoyable Mint.
*Tons of shine and great hold.
*Great minty scent that lasts throughout the day.
*Very soft yet thick and easy to comb through hair.
*Tons of nourishing ingredients that pack health, moisture and strength into your hair and scalp.


Teddy Boy Matte Wax is a thicker mold-able handmade hair wax that’s great for men and women. It’s soft, yet thick and provides a great non-greasy matte hold. Awesome for volume, texture and encouraging hair growth and strength. Scent is a delicate Cherry/Mint

*A thick water-based pomade. Great for a true matte finish.
*Goes on soft and easy to work through hair. Easy to style, mold and restyle.
*Infused with Bamboo extract & Vitamin E for stronger, fuller hair.
*Formulated with non-greasy organic oils for a shine-less hold.


Teddy Boy Original is the original Anchors product. A handmade water-based pomade that produces a brilliant mid-shine and flexible lasting hold. With an amazing Bay Rum/Mint scent
*Soft & smooth texture, how a pomade should be.
*Water-based, for ease of washing and restyling.
*This pomade offers a lasting hold that works much longer than machine manufactured pomades.
*Handmade for quality control. Every pomade is hand checked and sniffed for maximum results.


**Blended with Anchor’s Poly-Lock Technology – A calibrated mixture of natural waxes and carrier oils, fused with PVP/VA Copolymers that brings a flexible hold, straight to the core of your hair. Not to mention, it’s water soluble.. So washing out our products of your hair is hassle-free!


2.5oz, 4.5oz

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