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Best Pomade Ever

The first time I tried the original I fell instantly in love. I can not wait to try your other products.

by Robyn Zanow on Blank Product Name
My clients are obsessed!

I recently found a new distributor and was looking for some cool, new products for my short haired clients. I decided to order a few Anchors Aweigh products to try out on my clients. By the end of the first day, all of my clients were going wild over these products. I did some more research into the company and couldn't find a single thing not to like. My clients are happy, I'm happy, I really love this line!

Robyn thank you SOO much for the awesome review and I'm so stoked that your clients are digging the goop! If you ever need anything just holler!! . We have promo material, combs and stickers that I'd be happy to send you.

by Brian Chuc on Blank Product Name

As a new customer I was greeted with a slight mishap but to my delight, Ben's quick responses and joyfulness quickly resolved my problem and now I'm on my way to looking more handsome than yesterday. Do not sleep on this company.

by Jordan on Blank Product Name
These are the pomades you are looking for!

I've tried 2 of your products so far: the Teddy Boy Slick and the Original. First impression when opening the box: the great smell! Its fresh and smells so good you want to taste it. The product itself looks really nice in my hair and is by far the best pomade I've ever used! Great job guys! I can't wait to place a new order and try the Matte Wax! Would I recommend this product to a friend ? Its already done!

by Tim W on Blank Product Name
Amazing Products and Service

Anchors is hands-down my favorite hair product brand because of its vision, product quality, and service.

Teddy Boy Original has become my go-to everyday product after I have tried it for the first time. It is very easy to apply and comb through and non-greasy. The shine is natural, just enough to show that I have applied product in my hair. The hold is flexible and strong enough at the same time. It washes out easily and leaves my hair feeling healthy. I love the product, and I highly recommend it to anyone. I think it suits all types of hair.

The service is ridiculously good. My first order was a Teddy Boy Original and a long comb. There was a hand-written thank-you note on the receipt, and an extra plastic comb in the package. Recently I ordered a Teddy Boy Matte because Anchors donates soap to an under-privilieged family with every purchase. The pomade arrived in about a week, maybe slightly longer than expected, but still within a reasonable time frame. There was another hand-written note and a comb, and it came with a 2.5-oz Teddy Boy Original as an apology for the "late" delivery (which I did not think was that late at all). I am really amazed by how this company has such a heart for serving the community and customers.

I will continue to support Anchors Hair Company and their products. They are doing awesome work out there.

by Ian Chapin on Blank Product Name
Amazing product

My lovely fiancé recently purchased me the Teddy Boy Matte pomade as a gift to potentially curb my seemingly never ending search for the "perfect pomade". I have built quite the collection over the years, a lot of them subpar yet a small few I keep in my arsenal of hair products. I was pleasantly surprised with the scent upon opening this unfamiliar gift, I then decided to just go for it and give it a try. Right away I knew that I liked it, the consistency was perfect with a mild hold. You see, I'm a busy man. A mover and shaker that can't be concerned with having to reapply product throughout the course of my hectic days. In the Teddy Boy Matte I have found my contentment. gracias

by Victor Aleman on Blank Product Name
Great Product

Teddy Boy Original smells awesome and goes on pretty smooth has a good hold and a nice shine just wondering if there will ever be like a super hold version for the wavy hair type.

by Riley on Blank Product Name
Great product

First off, I've never written a review for a product, so here goes. I haven't used hair products for most of my life, being almost 30 and never having had hair long enough to do anything with left me in a great unknown. Which product should I use? After a few months of trying different products, and for the most part not being happy with the results, I found Teddy Boy Original. This product is great! Having extremely fine, straight blond hair. I needed a product that allowed me to style my hair the way I wanted it without having helmet head. The other products I used allowed me to style my hair, but left it glued in that position. This product, for the first time, allows me to style my hair quickly and effortlessly and also has my hair looking natural. As a full-time firefighter I am frequently putting a helmet on. Even after repeatedly doing that, my hair is easily restyled with just a little water and a few seconds. Its strong enough to last all day, even through that. The scent is also great, my fiancé loves it. I can't wait to finish my first container so I can buy another! Great product!

by Shaun on Blank Product Name

After reading and watching the reviews of these products, I gave in and ordered The Teddy Boy Original. First impressions were great. I opened the container to a nice minty smell. Which in my in opinion is not overwhelming like other products. I was skeptical of the hold and shine, how ever I not disappointed. It didn't take much product to achieve my hair style. It goes in smooth, lite on your hair, and washes out easy. I highly recommend and Anchor Hair Co. product. Definitely lives up to the hype.

by Jason on Blank Product Name
The Best

I used all three pomades and loved every one of them. They never dry, smell amazing, hold well, feel healthy in your hair, and wash out easy. People who are truly appreciative and care about their product and their customers are the ones who make the best product, and Anchor's Hair Company has the best products. Thank you.

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