Using Our Men’s Hair Styling Products

Blow Drying

Towel dryer your hair really good.. A good towel dry will cut your blow drying time in half..

When your finished towel drying, spray a little styling spray and work it through your hair.. Blast your hair dry until its about 70-80% dry.. This will save you more time!

After blasting it dry,start manipulating your hair the direction you want it to stay and keep blow drying.. After blow drying each section, you’ll want to let the section cool.. If you want volume in the front, blow dry up and let your root cool up, if you want it to be swept to the side, blow dry to the side and let your roots cool to the side, etc etc..

You can use combs, brushes, round brushes, your fingers, or whatever you need to get a tension.. Anything boar bristle or tight comb teeth groupings are our favorites.. Boar bristle is great for you hair because it uses a more tension/less heat methodology.. Also, The tight groupings of bristles distribute your natural oils further down you hair which leaves your hair smoother and healthier..

Tension is a huge key factor in blow drying.. Whether your hair is an inch or an inch from the ground, tension is a factor that plays into the smoothness, flow and style of your end look..

Another huge key factor in blow drying your hair is letting it set and cool.. When you have your hair formed into your desired style, let it set and cool for several seconds-a couple minutes..

Wallah, it’s time for product!

Applying Product

Apply a small amount of product to your palm and spread through out your finger tips.

Word the product in all throughout your hair. DO NOT just focus on the front or the pieces you want to stand up or lay down. The product needs to be all through your hair so every little piece can help reinforce the style.

Manipulate your hair until your desired style is reached. Remember that a little height in the middle makes the face appear a bit more square.

If your hair is a bit longer and you desire volume, rub a little matte wax through your roots for extra lift.

Hair spray if you need to.